God is a bit of a punk at the moment

I’ve said it many times. God works in mysterious ways. Right now, I don’t think He’s all that mysterious. I think He’s a bit of a punk. Perhaps I’m a bit irreverant. Right now I’m sitting here, shaking my head, wondering. Just wondering. Perhaps you want to know what I’m talking about.

Last night, my mom and I had a rather long discussion about my cousin. Long story short about my cousin. She apparently attempted suicide last October (2005) and she wound up living in our house. Havoc was created for the next 7 months. She was sent back to live with her parents in May of this year.

Fast forward to last night. Mom and I were discussing her and the havoc that she caused in our house. This havoc was caused because boundaries were not set for her and because she was not in counselling while living in the house. My mom sees everyone through rose-colored glasses. I’m not so trusting. I don’t give my trust easily, and once you lose my trust, I’m very, VERY slow to give it back, if I ever do. My mom told me that I’m mean and that I’m too hard on her. You see, when she’s acting bad, I tell her to straighten up her act. I tell her what she needs to hear but doesn’t want to hear.

Fast forward to today. My cousin got a new phone. She called me. Not my mom. Me. We talked for over three hours. And she’s going to church tomorrow. In Pennsylvania near where she lives. I sincerely hope that she actually goes. Here’s hoping.

So…here’s why God is a punk. I’ve asked Him to walk through the chambers of my heart, find what needs to be cleaned and do what needs to be done. Last night I was discussing my frustrations concerning my cousin with my mother. Today my cousin called. God has dealt with my heart issue. Please understand. I’m not going to trust her just yet. But I’m willing to walk with her through the stuff she’s dealing with, and I will lead her to the only place she can find true healing. AT the foot of the cross.

Did I mention that when she lived here, before I moved to MA, mom and I led her in the prayer of salvation? You see…God’s Word NEVER RETURNS VOID!!!!!!

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