Lunch at the VTPD

As I was driving to deliver food today, I began to feel uncomfortable in my own skin. I don’t really know where it has come from or what has triggered this feeling. I just kind of feel a bit claustrophobic. I almost feel like there is not enough oxygen, not enough room for my wings to spread. I go through these phases more often than not.

Now is the time that God has to move in…or rather I have to allow God to move in and be God.

On a lighter note–the lunch at the police station was awesome. The Deputy Chief got a little choked up. Today was absolutely God’s timing…last week there was a hit list at Eastern HS in Voorhees. They are all finally getting rested up after working a string of 14-16 hours days, investigating kids. We actually got to meet the lead detective on the case…I felt very honored.

God is amazing. Absolutely, positively amazing.

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