I"m looking for budweiser, but you’re offering me bud light

I had a great coffee time today with an old friend. I think that God has really begun something interesting…just thinking of it is making me smile.

She made the comment that is the title of this blog to someone who invited her to a women’s retreat at her church. I laughed OUT LOUD when she said that to me and about the person to whom she said it. I wonder if the pastor to whom that comment was directed laughed as heartily as I. Probably NOT.

I listened to a sermon today, and a point in that sermon really mad eme think. The pastor said, “Belief without repentance is not faith. It’s fraud.” Wow…that’s a pretty heavy word, and some of the completest Truth that I’ve heard in a while. That’ll knock your socks off, eh?


Today is seriously one of my favorite days as an American. I love having the privelege to vote. I was talking to a friend who works at Fox in Philly. She told me that she is not voting because she feels uninformed about the candidates. I told her that I find that ironic.

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