Headed to Beantown for a few

Well, after nearly six months of trying, I am finally headed back to Boston for a few days. When I return, I’ll have my clothes, my shoes, my Tom Brady calendar, my favorite Bible. I can’t wait. I leave on Thursday afternoon and will return on Saturday afternoon. I’m fairly certain that 72 hours willContinue reading “Headed to Beantown for a few”

Real life, real issues

Tonight kicks off our women’s ministry at The Sanctuary. We’re getting together for dessert, recipe swapping and a short devotional. Women’s ministry freaks me out. In my previous experience, women’s ministry began as a light-hearted tea with some deep morsels from God. It morphed into a militant good ol’ gals club. I wasn’t one ofContinue reading “Real life, real issues”

You’re like Dr. Phil or something

This weekend I hosted a parade of marathon phone calls and conversations. It all began with an innocent phone call about 5PM on Friday and didn’t end until about 11PM last night. The calls ranged from the hilarious to the arduous. They all had one common thread. A friend or relative had a need toContinue reading “You’re like Dr. Phil or something”

Did that really happen?

Yesterday I spent the day completely nervous, wondering if, once again, my heart would be crushed into a thousand little piece and my vision scoffed. I walked out of my pastors’ house wanting to pinch myself to make sure that I hadn’t been dreaming. I can’t imagine life not where I am at the moment.Continue reading “Did that really happen?”

The conversation

I’ve actually convinced someone to blog. Yay! Another convert…my plan is working…haha… Yesterday I was talking to a friend, and I was inadvertently encouraged to start writing. There are a bunch of books hidden deep within me, and it’s time to start getting some of that stuff to the surface. Today I started brainstorming. I’mContinue reading “The conversation”