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What more can I want?

God is funny.  I know that HIs ways are above my ways and His thoughts are above my thoughts.  I get it.  But today…yeah. I went to church, and I was completely uncomfortable.  Just not in the rhythm of things, … Continue reading

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Christmas presents

I remember my first mission trip to Arizona. It was emotionally and physically the most difficult trip to date, of all of my trips. Somehow my zeal for missions was exponentially increased. Definitely a “God thing.” One day, during a … Continue reading

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Yesterday, after church, we were talking with Pastor John and Beth. All of a sudden, we found ourselves talking about blogs. I mentioned that I had written that I want to be anywhere but NJ. Some more comments were made, … Continue reading

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I am suffering from acute ADD today, this week. I don’t know whether it is the allergies/cold, or the weather, or just life in general. Something about this week is not allowing me to concentrate. OK, I’ll stop blameshifting the … Continue reading

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The call to ministry

The heart of a pastor must remain guarded from sin while available to sinners. The other night that thought raced through my mind until I could contain it no longer. That led to this being written in my journal. It’s … Continue reading

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Did that really happen?

Yesterday I spent the day completely nervous, wondering if, once again, my heart would be crushed into a thousand little piece and my vision scoffed. I walked out of my pastors’ house wanting to pinch myself to make sure that … Continue reading

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