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Well…last week was a whirlwind, to say the least. If you’d talked to me on Monday, I would’ve told you a completely different version of my life than what actually transpired. I didn’t have time to process what occurred, and … Continue reading

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Sadness and fear

When I encounter sadness or fear, I’m usually very mean to them. I see them as the enemy and try to squash them. Today, I’m trying something different. I’m having coffee with them, telling them how much I appreciate their … Continue reading

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The Ivory Tower

Yesterday I wrote this in response to the 20/20 special that I viewed on Camden. It is my hope and prayer that you read it and digest it. The ivory tower to which I’ve resignedCrumbles around meIsolation so completeSilence brokenOne … Continue reading

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Waiting on the world to change

Last night 20/20 reported on the city of Camden, NJ. I didn’t want to let my heart go *there,* so I decided to record it to be watched at a later time. For those of you who do not know, … Continue reading

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