Well…last week was a whirlwind, to say the least. If you’d talked to me on Monday, I would’ve told you a completely different version of my life than what actually transpired. I didn’t have time to process what occurred, and that literally blew my Type A Virgo mind to smithereens by Friday. I slept itContinue reading “Grooving”

Sadness and fear

When I encounter sadness or fear, I’m usually very mean to them. I see them as the enemy and try to squash them. Today, I’m trying something different. I’m having coffee with them, telling them how much I appreciate their roles in my life, and discussing with them how we can work together. *Did DeneenContinue reading “Sadness and fear”

The Ivory Tower

Yesterday I wrote this in response to the 20/20 special that I viewed on Camden. It is my hope and prayer that you read it and digest it. The ivory tower to which I’ve resignedCrumbles around meIsolation so completeSilence brokenOne storyOne faceOne cityBrings me to my kneesHeart pierced so deeplyBleedingWeepingRecalling the daysThe scents, the energyHopeContinue reading “The Ivory Tower”