The Bible is dangerous for my belief system…lol

I have an addictive personality. There. I said it. My current addiction? Reading the Bible on my phone. It’s a lot better than other addictions. I was joking with a friend the other day, telling her that I want to start a facebook group called “The Bible is AWESOME.” As I’m reading through, I’m learningContinue reading “The Bible is dangerous for my belief system…lol”

Pentecost in my living room

Can I say something?  I’ve been a hurting, judgmental jerk.  For I don’t know.  About 2 years or so? This morning I got up, and all I wanted to do was spend some time with God…read the scriptures in Acts, worship Him.  A few songs have been going through my mind recently, so I wentContinue reading “Pentecost in my living room”

Which Biblical character, part one of many

Friday night I attended a Sweet Sixteen party. (I remember why I’m not called to youth ministry, and I admire those who are brave enough to answer the call.) Anyway–a question was posed that has been resounding in my brain. “If you could choose any Biblical character, one from the New Testament and one fromContinue reading “Which Biblical character, part one of many”

Why are all quarterbacks pretty boys?

Last night, as I was watching Dallas get beaten, or beat themselves, against the NY Giants, this question was posed to me. I have quite a few snippy remarks that I could have made, but instead I found myself speechless. We came to the conclusion that they are protected from the defense. There are prettyContinue reading “Why are all quarterbacks pretty boys?”