About me

My name is Deneen.

I am a person of faith.  However, my faith is not blind.  I am not a cultural Christian.  My views have come from experiences I have had.  I don’t just believe what people tell me.

I like to hear the views of others.  I like to share my views.  True communication means listening twice as much as you talk.

I am a pretty passionate person.  I can definitely hold my own in conversation on a variety of topics.  I will fight to the death for those I love.  I will fight to the death for those less fortunate than I.

I believe that right now I am a part of a large group of people who are destined to change the world as we know it now.  I have no idea what that means–and I don’t believe that those around me know what that means–but I know in the depth of my being that it is true.

I have this pesky habit of working with start-ups–be it a business or a church.  I love seeing things and people grow.  I thoroughly enjoy rolling my sleeves up and getting my hands dirty in that environment.

If you have any more qusesions about me, feel free to ask me.  You can email me at deneen.white@gmail.com.