Googled, evolving amoeba and community

amoeba.jpgWow.  Someone googled me.  And found my blog.  I don’t know that I’ve ever been googled before.  And when did “googled” become a verb?  Inquiring minds want to know.  I think I may be a bit uncomfortable with that.  Maybe I should get over that? 

Anyway…tonight I met with Colleen, Pastor John and Beth, and much of the unsettledness I’ve experienced over the past few weeks has been diminished.  How to put into words what happened, I’m not sure.  What I can say is that we brainstormed a way to put structure into place that will allow The Sanctuary, over time, to grow in a healthy manner.  Right now, we’re about maxed out in growth  potential  because of our, to put it into John’s words, amoeba-like structure.  We’re in a place where leaders must emerge, where people must focus on their area of gifting and trust that God will provide people (or has provided people) to fill in the proverbial gap(s) that they are leaving.  The amoeba must evolve into an organism that has a skeleton, and people are going to have to work within the structure provided.  I know that the transition may be tough for some, but honestly, it is for the best for the greatest number of people.

Let’s be honest.  Church is not a good ole boys club.  The church is supposed to show the love of Christ, the hope of Christ to a love-starved, hope-starved world.  Our function as Christians, followers of Christ, is to be an example of Christ to the world.  Not to place ourselves in His place, but to lead people to the cross. 

Our church has been placed in Voorhees for a specific purpose.  It is a unique area because people seem to be purposefully disconnected from their neighbors.  I know the township is attempting to bring a sense of community to Voorhees.  That is why they have the picnic in June, they implemented the Halloween in the Park, and the various events throughout the summer where they show movies and have music.  Something we determined tonight is that we would like to assist, if you will, the people of Voorhees in developing a sense of community.  So, we are going to purposefully attend township events and immerse ourselves in the community.  We want to have a presence in the community.  We’ve impacted two families and a bunch of officials in the township.  Throughout the year, we’re going to expand our sphere of influence.  Writing this I realize that I have to revamp the plan that I wrote out last week. 

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