Awkward moments

This afternoon, Isabella and I ran some errands. We went to Trader Joe’s because I’ve been craving quinoa and chard. (My family insists that I must be pregnant because of my cravings. I’m not. So don’t worry.) I ran into someone from ROL. She looked at me as if she were seeing a ghost. Apparently noone knows I’m back in NJ. I got yelled at on Saturday for that too, though I know that she knew I was back in town.

The small talk and knee jerk reactions of “chance” encounters are always interesting. We spoke of trite issues…how is married life, where are you working. There were no questions about what God is doing in our lives; no mention of the big, white elephant that constantly stands in the room whenever I talk to someone from ROL. I’m surprised that we didn’t talk about how unseasonably warm the weather is.

Tonight I’m going to visit a friend from California. I believe I will meet the man that she intends to marry tonight. There’s just a small problem with my ever supporting that idea. He is not a Christian, and she is. But she knows that “one day…blah blah blah.” I’m sure that everything will be lovely, and that I’ll leave knowing that I will never get those few hours of my life back.

You see, life is black and white. I have a friend who would love to date me. The problem is, among many other problems, is that his passions do not line up with mine. Even if he were everything else that I asked God for in a husband, I would not date him.

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