Random Saturdayness

I can’t wait until tomorrow. I’m overwhelmed by the generosity of my church. I’ve heard so many reports of things that our people are buying for the families in Voorhees. I’ve become overwhelmed, almost to the point of tears just listening to people talk, excited about their purchases. I have no idea how I’m going to not cry tomorrow when I actually see the items. *mental note to self: no make-up tomorrow, or at least waterproof mascara*

I’ve baked myself senseless today. I can go no further. Tomorrow…is another day. In the worst case scenario, we’re not going to the township until the afternoon, so I should be able to bang out a few dozen cookies on Monday morning after the kids go to school. I want to make up a few trays of homemade cookies for our contacts…and for the VTPD. They had to hunt down a carjacker this week. God bless the men in blue. I couldn’t do their job.

That’s about the totality of my mental capacity for the evening. Now I have to prepare for It’s a Wonderful Life. And remember. Everytime a bell rings, an angel gets it wings 🙂

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