It’s a Wonderful Life 2006

OK. I promised myself that I wouldn’t post another blog tonight, but…I just finished my annual viewing of It’s a Wonderful Life, and well…yeah.

This year I picked up a lot of things that I never saw before. For instance, George Bailey is a rather sarcastic fellow. I don’t recall him ever saying, “Yeah, you look like the angel I’d get,” when Clarence announces that he is George’s guardian angel. I chuckled out loud.

This year in particular I really understood George’s frustration about wanting to travel. I love my life. I love where I am right now. But…there is a small part of me…ok, a huge part of me that wants to be anywhere but NJ. Well, anywhere but Worcester, MA. Just being honest.

And…there is always a part of me that wonders if I have done anything of real significance with my life. I do not require the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future to show me the impact I’ve had on lives. I don’t need Clarence to remove all evidence of my existence to see what I’ve done. Is it human nature? Or is it some psychosis in me? Or is it both?

So, thankfully I won’t be watching the movie until next year. Who knows what the It’s a Wonderful Life post of 2007 will look like? Well, I know Someone who does, but He’s not divulging any of those secrets to me 🙂 Probably a good thing. Otherwise I have a suspicion I’d be scared to death.

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